Needs We Meet

As LDC Dover Ltd has grown from strength to strength throughout the years, the range of services that we are able to provide has evolved alongside us.  From offering successful highly bespoke and tailored residential packages to those who may have challenged previous placements, to encouraging positive integrations into various forms of independence, LDC are confident that we can meet any individual’s specific needs and support them in living a rich and fulfilled life.

The importance of acknowledging the simple fact that everyone is different and has varying levels of need is central to our ethos of inclusion, understanding and compassion.  These foundations drive us onward and enable us to provide fully personalised packages of care and support for every individual.

As much as it is vital to recognise and celebrate a person’s distinctiveness with regard to the type of support that they may need, we understand that in order to be able to offer such a unique standard of care it takes a real team effort.  Our experienced and dedicated staff team share our values; from administrator to director via care worker and shift leader, the principles that we govern ourselves by and hold dear are woven throughout the fabric of LDC Dover Ltd.