For Families

We understand that those closest to our clients often have the best possible insight into what they may need in order to settle into a new home, thrive and live a happy life. 

With this firmly in mind, we will always endeavour to forge positive relationships with the families, friends and next of kin of our service users as it allows us to provide the highest possible level of bespoke care to their loved ones.

LDC Dover Ltd pride themselves on being fully transparent and inclusive with regard to sharing relevant information and will offer regular updates on the progress of clients that suit the family and keep them appropriately informed and up-to-date.

As a company, we are always eager to receive constructive feedback and comments about the standard of care that we provide.  Whether it’s during an informal chat, or through our annual Quality Assurance programme, you can rest assured that your views will be listened to, valued and acted upon where necessary.